About New Directions Alternative Center 

NDSC building
New Directions Alternative Center
8886 Rixlew Lane
Manassas, VA 20109

Phone: 703.393.7261
Fax:  703.393.9083
Mr. Robert Eichorn

2014-2015 School Profile

Our Vision: 
"New Visions, New Choices, New Directions"

Our Mission: 
To provide effective, individualized, and differentiated academic challenge honoring the whole person in a safe, structured, and affectively supportive environment.

Our Holistic Goals:

Students will become proficient in the standards of learning for their respective courses and pass requisite end-of-course examinations prior to earning course credit.

Students will access digital and blended instructional opportunities to address gaps in previous learning, content acquisition, and course scope and sequence.

Students will recover academic credit to assist in qualifying for high school graduation.

Students will develop the affective and effective skills required to become healthy and productive citizens.