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 If your child is currently enrolled in a Prince William County Schools preschool program, Kindergarten registration is not required.  When schools reopen, parent should contact the registrar of the child's assigned school.

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Hello Parents,

I hope that you and your family are well.  I miss you all!  In the links section of this page, you can find ideas for home activities, along with visuals and other materials geared to support your child's development.  I have also added links to some early childhood learning sites.  New information will be uploaded as it is received and I will continue to send emails to stay connected. 

Please remember that if you need to reach me, I am available via email!

Thank you,

Lisa Bishop, M.Ed.
Preschool Special Education Teacher
Prince William County Schools

Week of June 8th:  Please check your email for summer activities.  There you will find links for books and many fun suggestions for you and your child to enjoy together!  Have a wonderful summer!  <3

Week of June 1st:  This week's activities center around the book, "Mrs. Wishy Washy's Farm".  Please look for two emails (dated June 1, 2020) for a book reading video and related activity suggestions.

Week of May 25th:  Please see email (dated May 26, 2020) for this week's activity suggestions and additional information pertaining to the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year.  There you will a book reading of "The Happy Bee", along with a related social story on greetings and closures.  Also, "Over In The Meadow" is the second book shared that focuses on counting (1-10) and rhyming.  There is an animal matching game, a counting activity and an art page for your child to complete.

Week of May 18th:  Please check your email for the book reading, TLC Grow With Me!, along with activity ideas centered around plants and nature.  Additionally, you will find preschool resources from Ages and Stages in English and Spanish.  In the email, I also shared pictures of things growing in my yard.  I would love to see what you and your child find outside too!

Week of May 11th:  Please look for this week's activity suggestions in your email.  There you will find a sorting activity video for you and your child to watch, along with many sorting activities that you can print and try at home.  Also, please look for the book reading of Sunny Day!  As you know, this is the theme song from Sesame Street (the link is also shared in the email).  Please remember that if additional materials are needed at home, I am happy to help!

Week of May 4th:  This week's activities focus on turn taking.  This is a skill that requires lots of practice.  Sharing games in the home environment and modeling language helps prepare children to carry over play and communication skills with others, in different settings.  I have emailed resources that may offer some helpful tips.  Also attached is a recording of a turn taking game (with information on using visuals to teach the skill), activity suggestions and printables.


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Sample Daily Schedule

8:30 am

Wake up, get dressed, eat breakfast, brush teeth


Play outside or inside-(see suggested gross motor activities in home activities file)


15-20 minutes of 1:1 time-book read (ask "wh" questions), play turn taking games,  practice sequence stories, receptive language activities (see suggested activities in home activities file)


15-20 minutes-Song and Nursery Rhymes (provide opportunities for requesting)

15-20 minutes-Preschool Cognitive Activities (see suggested activities in home activities file), carpet play activities (e.g., blocks, cars/trucks, etc.)


Lunch (practice making requests for food items)


Rest time or quiet time


Fine Motor Play (see suggested activities in home activities file), Social Skills play/activities (see suggested activities in home activities file), outdoor/indoor play


Help make dinner, help set table
Calming activities, bath, pajamas, brush teeth, story time

5pm-bedtime     Calming Activities, bath, pjs, story time


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