Welcome to Ms. K's Resource Page

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Hello to all of my wonderful little ones! I miss you.  Here is a sample schedule and some online resources for families to use during our time away form school.  Remember that children need to move, play, sing, create, and TALK.  Fill your home with language. Summer is here.  

Sample Daily Schedule

Time Activity
 9 a.m.
 Wake-up and get dressed, have breakfast
0 a.m.
 Get moving! Music and movement, outside play
11 a.m.
 20 minute intervals of listening to a story and asking questions, playing games with letters, phonics
11 a.m.-
12 p.m.
 20 minute intervals of counting, matching- same/different games, sorting with everyday items
12-12:30 p.m.  Play with building materials
1 p.m.
2:30 p.m.
 Rest time or quiet play/listening to soothing music/songs
4 p.m.
 Play with sensory materials such as a container of rice, beans, water with scoops. Play with playdough or floam or slime
5 p.m.
 Help with making dinner and setting table, eat dinner
5 p.m.-bedtime Calming activities, bathe, pjs and listen to story