Welcome to Ms. Becky's Class



Dear Parents and Students,

It has been wonderful to serve as your teacher during school year 2019-2020 despite the difficult challenges.  I wish you the best in the 2020-2021 school year.  Please know PWCS is working hard to ensure services for your child in the year ahead.

Thank you,
Becky Spain


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Daily Schedule

Time Activity
9:15-9:40  Self Help(Brush Teeth), Gross Motor(inside with music and movement), Social Skills Activities(such as Peek-a-Boo, Hide and Seek)
9:40-10:20  Rotation of Activities(toys and books)-Communication, Cognitive, Fine Motor, Social Skills Activities
10:20-10:30  Music and books-Communication and Social Skills
10:30-10:50  Outside-Gross Motor and Communication Skills
10:50-11:15  Snack-Communication and Self Help Skills (Wash Hands)
11:15-11:40  Rotation of Activities(art, puzzles, building blocks, play dough, beans, rice, toys)-Fine Motor, Communication, Cognitive, and Social Skills
11:40-11:50  Gross Motor and Communication Skills (Movement songs such as Row, Row, Row, Your Boat, Head Shoulders Knees and Toes, And Wheels on the Bus)
11:50-12:15  Pretend Play(dolls, puppets, pretend play sets)-Communication, Cognitive, and Social Skills
12:15-12:25  Music and books-Communication and Social Skills
12:25-12:35  Lunch-Self Help (Wash Hands) and Communication Skills