Vision Statement

Achieving Success for All by Putting Students First

Mission Statement

The overall goal of Washington-Reid Preschool Center is to demonstrate, through teaching in school, home, and other child-care settings, that the key to success is school, family, and community involvement.

We will:

  • Work together as a team—school staff, families, and community—to provide an appropriate educational program for each child.
  • Respect and strengthen each child's abilities through the implementation of an appropriate learning environment.
  • Address the cultural diversity of our school population to assure the needs of all students are addressed.
  • Provide assistance to the families and community by sharing resources, knowledge, and expertise.

Cultural Statement

The Staff of Washington-Reid Preschool Center believe…

…every student can learn.

…high expectations should be set for each student and staff member.

…creating a positive school climate is the responsibility of every school employee.

…effective communication is important in developing and maintaining a successful school.

…diversity should be valued.

…parent involvement is critical to student learning.